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Welcome to Biological Engineering and Small-scale Technologies (BEST) at the Merced campus of the University of California.  

The fields of Biological Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering are undergoing metamorphoses towards more integrative and multidisciplinary topics ranging from cell engineering to material fabrication. The BEST program offers individualized research-based programs of study in synergistic areas of Biological Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering, leading to Doctor of Philosophy degrees (M.S. students are also allowed, but not preferred) under UC Merced’s Individual Graduate Program (IGP).  Research projects are available on topics ranging from synthesis and characterization of materials, biomedical imaging to regenerative medicine and tissue engineering.

Our BEST faculty take pride in combining exceptional teaching with state-of-the-art research to advance the education and research of this interdisplinary program. Our researchers are actively participating both within and beyond the university community to apply enginering principles to solutions in medicince and technology. It is my hope you will explore our site and reach out to me to so we can partner in deciding how to make UC Merced the next stop in your educational journey.


Current Students

First Name Last Name E-mail  Faculty Advisor
Aaron  Cowles Leppert
Ameed  Hashmi Muñoz
Anley Emanuel  Tefera McCloskey
Chai  Lor Hirst
Dadong  Wang Ma
Edwin  Shen McCloskey
Jose  Flores Lu
Kennedy  Nguyen Leppert
Kun  Zhang Li
Lian  Wong McCloskey
Max Larner Davila
Miguel  Diaz Davila
Rachel  Hatano McCloskey
Reheman  Baikejiang Li
Shih-Ming  Xi Chin
Uma Shantini  Ramasamy Martini
Vipawee  Limsakoune Lu/Tung
Xi  Chen Lu
Yang Liu Lu
Yen-Chang  Chen Tung
Yue  Zhao Li
Yuze (Jasper)  Zeng Lu


Our Alumi

First Name

Last Name



Grad Date



Thompson Lu Sharping MS 6/1/2014 UC Riverside Doctoral Student
Benjamin Doblack Davila MS 5/17/2013 Raytheon BBN Technologies Software Engineer II
Kevin Mercurio Leppert MS 12/20/2013 Northrop Grumman Engineer
Christiane Pailo Sharping MS 12/16/2010 University of California, Merced Doctoral Student
Tessa Piñón Sharping MS 8/7/2009 University of Texas at El Paso Postdoctoral Researcher
Anley Tefera McCloskey MS 5/12/2012 UC Merced Doctoral Student
Bing Xia McCloskey MS 8/7/2009 Gilead Sciences, Inc. Senior Research Associate
Tzu-I Chao Lu PhD 8/13/2012 University of California, Davis Postdoctoral Fellow
Chi-Shuo Chen Chin PhD 5/12/2012 Northwestern University Postdoctoral Fellow
Eric Chen Chin PhD 7/18/2011 GlaxoSmithKline Scientific Researcher
Eric Josephs Yu PhD 5/17/2013 Duke University Postdoctoral Researcher
Jesus Isaac Luna Hirleman PhD 8/16/2013 UC Davis Medical Center Postdoctoral Researcher
Azade Petrosky Escobar PhD 8/16/2013 KAUST university Postdoctoral Researcher
Tessa Piñón Sharping PhD 5/17/2013 University of Texas at El Paso Postdoctoral Researcher
Gayatri Premasekharan Leppert PhD 8/13/2012 University of California, San Francisco Postdoctoral Researcher
Emily Reed Viney PhD 8/16/2013 University of California, Merced Lecturer
Silin Sa McCloskey PhD 8/16/2013 Stanford University Research Assistant II
Drew Glaser McCloskey PhD 12/16/2014 University of Washington, St. Loius Postdoctoral Researcher
Christiane Pailo Barlow PhD 12/16/2013 Merced College Instructor

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